Discipline Band

Discipline band 1997 - Photo by Rich Patterson
Discipline are an independent rock band from Detroit. They have performed and recorded together for over 25 years on their indie label, Strung Out Records. The band is currently working on its next studio album. Join the mailing list to receive updates. Click an image below to learn more about an album. For a complete catalog, visit the discography.


Discipline Live in Gettysburg
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Other projects in the works include a reissue of Discipline recordings from the 1980s and a new Matthew Parmenter solo CD.

Other news: Parmenter’s Eyeballs story is now reprinted on the website. This short was originally written during MP’s first year at Oberlin College where he majored in Creative Writing. The piece became a spoken word segment at Discipline shows and was later published as part of the liner notes for Discipline’s Into the Dream live CD. View the Eyeballs story…

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This is the official Discipline band website. Check out Discipline the band’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/disciplineband



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