Discipline – Unfolded Like Staircase (Terry Brown Remix)

1997 Strung Out Records / 2022 Remastered/Remixed by Terry Brown *

Running Time: 64 minutes, 54 seconds

  1. Canto IV (Limbo) – 13 minutes, 42 seconds
  2. Crutches – 13 minutes, 12 seconds
  3. Into the Dream – 22 minutes, 2 seconds
  4. Before the Storm – 15 minutes, 36 seconds

* Available as a gatefold double LP on 180 gram red or black vinyl, CD, and hi res 24 bit digital download.

Cover art: Richard Patterson

Order online at:

Praise for “Unfolded Like Staircase”

“Unbelievable! …a progressive statement of epic proportions that rocks”
…Progression Magazine (USA)

“…an olympic Discipline…twenty years from now Unfolded Like Staircase will be seen as a milestone of the prog-revival. Heaven!”
…Stage Magazine (Belgium)

“…buy this, then go out and see them live”
…Music Uncovered (USA)

“…Hearing the music itself will surely give better justice to this outstanding release than I could hope to give with words alone. What a great way to start off the new year!”
…Mining Company (USA)

About the 2022 remix:
Thanks to the support of crowdfunding patrons and progrock.com, the newly remixed and remastered edition of Discipline’s “Unfolded Like Staircase” has been released. The new mix is by Terry Brown (Rush, Fates Warning). Terry’s mix breathes new life and clarity into the album. Progrock.com’s Essentials label has released the album as a gatefold double LP on red or black 180 gram vinyl, compact disc, also available as a 24 bit hi-res digital download. The album includes lyrics and liner notes with updated artwork designed by Rich Patterson.

Terry Brown writes: “Today is the release date of my re-mix of Unfolded Like Staircase by Discipline​. ​This truly is a quintessential PROG album. Written & arranged by lead singer Matthew Parmenter and initially released in ’97 with the original Discipline line-up it truly is a piece of art. It was a real thrill to have a crack at remixing this record and I highly recommend you have a crack at listening to it if you’re not already acquainted. Enjoy”

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