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Matthew Parmenter – All Our Yesterdays

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“…he goes places on this quietly challenging album which defy genre. His doomy, challenging piano ballads might be emanating from the last lounge singer on a lost sinking ship, a cry from the void. It’s grandiose and strangely affecting…. Gloomy and dark, yet mesmerizing in its melancholy visions.”
—Chris Roberts, Prog Magazine
“‘All Our Yesterdays’ is a great piece of work, excellent songs with polished performances throughout; each song is finely crafted with plenty of emotional depth…. experience one of progressive rock’s great songwriters.”
—Mel Allen, The Progressive Aspect
“Matthew Parmenter is for me, one of the most mind-blowing, theatrical, and hypnotic artists… like a brilliant actor who nails it down the line and almost doing a one-man rock opera… he’s the combination of Peter Hammill and Alice Cooper. And thrown in the essence of the late great David Bowie, he has a lot of charisma in his body and soul… his third album is a cornerstone that is dark, beauty, gothic, fun, and sadness.”
—Zachary Nathanson, Music From the Other Side of the Room
“Basically I love this record…. I hesitate to refer to the works on this album as songs, as they are more like movements in a musical symphony, harking back to the days when progressive rock meant moving forward and pushing the recorded form to see how far you could get away with and how creative you could be with the medium…. He has released a contemporary concept album, as fresh and original as anything I’ve heard so far this year… This is an astonishing piece of work.”
—James R. Turner,
“…imbued with emotion and narrative skill… Parmenter is filled with stories and poetry which he pours into this work. …conveying Bowie-esque delicate agony….we are clearly walking in the ominous presence of tragic heroes. …a solo work of art suffused with dramatic shades and emotional lyricism, conveying tragedy and hope. This is an album that is likely to captivate and beguile with subtlety and delicate emotion.”
—Leo Trimming, ProgRadar
“‘All Our Yesterdays’ nos parece una joya musical en sí misma….Matthew Parmenter agasaja nuestros oídos y nuestros espíritus con esta exploración sistemática de su faceta de cantautor art-rockero. Muy recomendable este disco, la verdad que sí.”
—César Inca Mendoza Loyola, Autopoietican

About All Our Yesterdays

Matthew Parmenter – the main man behind Detroit-based progressive rock band Discipline – partners with UK label Bad Elephant Music to release his third solo album, “All Our Yesterdays.” It is a stunning piece of work, best experienced as a single, all-encompassing musical odyssey. Each track can be taken on its own individual merit but the full, immersive effect is most evident when they’re all heard in succession. The listener is transported on an allegorical journey and emerges transformed at the close of the album. Paul Dzendzel (of Discipline band) guests on drums. “All Our Yesterdays” was mixed by renowned producer Terry Brown (Rush, Fates Warning) and mastered by Grammy award winning engineer Peter Moore. Cover art by Mathew Kennedy.

1. Scheherazade
2. Danse du Ventre
3. Digital
4. I Am a Shadow
5. All for Nothing
6. All Our Yesterdays
7. Stuff in the Bag
8. Inside
9. Consumption
10. Hey for the Dance

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