Matthew Parmenter – Astray

Matthew Parmenter Astray

Matthew Parmenter Astray

2004 Strung Out Records

Running Time: 68 minutes, 14 seconds

  1. now – 9 minutes, 48 seconds
  2. distracted – 7 minutes, 40 seconds
  3. dirty mind – 9 minutes, 21 seconds
  4. another vision – 7 minutes, 8 seconds
  5. some fear growing old – 6 minutes, 57 seconds
  6. between me and the end – 5 minutes, 56 seconds
  7. modern times – 21 minutes, 9 seconds

Cover photo: Paul Dagenais

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Praise for “astray”:

astray Rated 1st in Top 20 CD’s of 2004
–The Pit – Radio

“…strong melodies, mellotron passages, and other instrumental workouts, especially the 20-minute closer, ‘Modern Times.’…Recommended.”
15 out of 16 stars
–David Taylor, Progression Magazine

“…Matthew Parmenter’s Astray is rechargeable, reusable, and grows stronger with every use. This is progressive rock in its highest form. It’s like a work of art that hangs on a museum wall. Patrons will see something new with each and every visit even when the details don’t jump out at them right away.”
–Joshua Turner, Progressive

“…you’ll come back to this CD time and time again. More please, Matthew.”
–Jem Jedrzejewski, The Hairless Heart Herald

“…Quite simply, Astray is one of the best solo progressive albums I have heard in a long while, fans of Discipline won’t be disappointed as it has been worth the wait.”
–Mark Hughes, The Dutch Progressive Rock Page

“…This album is a grower, each listen (about 15 for me) brings forth new elements and wonders. By the third or fouth listen, I was captured….There is a lot to absorb and many sights to see and hear within the music. Just like the old Ragu commercials, ‘Try It, You’ll Like IT.'”

“…Extrêmement ensorcelante et envoûtante. Une pure merveille!!!”
–Denis, Antithetik web zine

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