Orbit magazine article Discipline in Norway


by Heidi Olmack

Discipline weaves a wicked web of lush, whimsical melodies, cynical stories and melancholy theatrics – so disturbing some fans that they’ve pegged lead-man Matthew Parmenter as “unstable.” Yeah, Discipline’s dramatic performances reflect a certain creative madness – they’re kinda loony, a little off their rocker. And now, get this – maniac Matthew told Orbit, “Discipline’s going to Oz!”

Wait, is it As, Os or Aas? No matter, they can’t find it on the map anyway. But their Norwegian pal Pal, an overwrought fan they enchanted at a Paycheck’s gig, convinced them the place exists and paved the way for their magical mystery tour. You see, Pal has the power; as a senior member of his college’s concert board, he arranged for the school to sponsor Discipline on their Norwegian college tour. They’re tentatively scheduled to play Trondheim and Bergen Colleges and Parmenter says he’s hoping for, but not banking on, some club dates.

Speaking with Parmenter as he packed his stage get-ups (witch’s hat, business suit, vinyl pants and jester costume), plans still seemed sketchy. With round trip tickets secure in their hands, they know they’re coming home. But the rest of the itinerary was still up in the air; could be that they’ll drift the Glomma in a sinking ship or maybe hike their way to play Trondheim. Hey, who cares – can’t lose with a free trip to Norway, can ya?

Discipline will return to their hometown haunt of Royal Oak to recount their great Nordic adventure at 3-D on March 18.

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