Progression Magazine Review Discipline Unfolded Like Staircase

Progression Magazine


Unbelievable! Discipline, from Michigan, vaults into the first tier of American progressive bands with this highly creative effort.

Imagine a mix of U.K., Van der Graaf Generator and 1973 King Crimson stretching out over songs averaging 13 minutes each, replete with stabbing sax and dueling keyboards and guitars. That should give you a general idea of Discipline’s orientation.

Matthew Parmenter sings like a soul possessed on songs such as Canto IV (Limbo) and Into the Dream. His lyrics have a decidedly down-to-earth appeal, dealing primarily with relationship topics. Parmenter also contributes keyboards, alto sax, violin and orchestral chimes to this opus. Jon Preston Bouda provides melodic electric and acoustic guitar, while the rhythm section of Paul Dzendzel (drums/percussion) and Mathew Kennedy (bass) offers solid grooves while also stretching out to accentuate the musical tension.

Though the compositions are long, they always have a sense of “going somewhere” on the wings of solid musicianship. No neo-prog effort this, but a progressive statement of epic proportions that rocks. Unfolded Like Staircase comes highly recommended.

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