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154 Responses to Guestbook for Discipline Band & MP

  1. Ann Rinaldi says:

    Looking forward to seeing Discipline at ProgStock 2019! Get your passes here:

  2. Simon Vincent says:

    Approaching 60… Discipline are my ‘discovery’ of 2018 and I’ve bought the whole back catalogue, Matthew’s solo albums and all! Where have you/I been for the last 20 years? When are you coming to England?

  3. Jacek Rusin says:

    Hi Matthew,cant wait to see you tomorrow nite in Toronto,will bring all my albums with your music to sign,hope you will find a minute for me.Thanks.

  4. joker1961 says:

    wow wee there`s a new album due in July this band is awesome.

  5. sean says:

    Hi Discipline and Strung Out Records – is there any chance of releasing the Gettysburg concert footage as a dvd or blu-ray – so folks in England can see it? (Amazon is on instant streaming is only for the US). How about another one for England ? :-)

  6. John Rice says:

    Well if you haven’t seen or listened to ” Discipline ” where ever have you been on a other cosmos. Just in case you`ve never have then its go find there albums. once you have you`ll be stating you`d wished you`d done so sooner. wish they`ll show up and play here…

  7. Bob Grimley says:

    A very underrated act. Superb. Sublime. Beautiful!

  8. John .T. (geekfreak) Rice says:

    I`ve just ordered your whole back cat…

  9. jimmy says:

    Excellent!! Love your music!

  10. Jordan says:

    Amazing band — right up there with the prog greats, but with their own uniqueness. Keep it up. Amazing music.

  11. Amy says:

    Haunting, masterfully-executed, transcendent – such is the music of discipline. I first saw you at RoSfest in 2011 and that show just blew me away. Very excited to be seeing you guys again this coming October. I know it will be an incredible show. Thank you all for the phenomenal work!

  12. Jay says:

    Love this band

  13. Great to see Discipline is still active. I have loved you guys since “Push & Profit” which I still describe to people as “a thinking man’s Marillion”! The “Unfolded Like Staircase” is fantastic. Combining equal parts classic Genesis with Peter Hammill’s best songwriting! Anyway, keep it up as long as you can! Cheers!

  14. Scott Ellison says:

    Just downloaded the new / very old album. Can’t believe you have been hiding this from us all these years Matthew! Please continue to release each and every song you have ever recorded. The first song “Man and the Locust Parts 1 & 2 alone was worth the price of the download. The last song Peacemaker is also awesome. In-between are a lot of interesting songs. Stripped down and acoustic, and certainly a bit uneven with a variety of odds and ends as Matthew was finding and developing his song writing skills. I’ve got it downloaded to my IPOD and will spend some time enjoying a piece of prog history. Thanks Matthew and bandmates. Long live Discipline. Love you guys!! Scott

  15. Gary Schwartz says:

    Love this band. Saw Matthew- solo- at Nearfest and am the one who screamed “turn it up”…catching many off guard. And I meant it. Simply a fantastic.

  16. Chris R says:

    I’m guessing you all have day jobs and **** but it would be cool to see you live once before I die, even if it was on a DVD. Live in ’95 is great but that was a million years ago. I’m also surprised Matt doesn’t make more solo albums. He is obviously very influenced by Peter Hammill who has a billion solo albums so I’m surprised Matt doesn’t make more albums or tour much. You guys should be played on the radio and get world tours, not the clowns that get millions to torture our ears. Even a lot of the modern prog bands are utter crap Dream Theater or Yes wannabees. You guys are original. This band is older than I am but your albums are timeless! Hopefully we don’t have to wait another 15 years for a new album.

  17. Wayne says:

    It’s not always easy to put a finger on exactly what makes a band stand above its contemporaries, but the last two studio albums have it.. I look forward to a third.

  18. Luis Nasser says:

    New album? My nipples are so hard I’m gonna use them to make some lewd scrimshaw in the windows of some fancy restaurant in Chicago.

  19. Scott Ellison says:

    I guess I’ll be the first to sign the guest book in 2013! Love the new album To Shatter All Accord. Well, guess it’s not so new anymore, but still love it. How about a new Live DVD. Love you guys!

  20. James says:

    I just discovered Discipline, thanks to Top 2011 list. After a brief sample, I purchased To Shatter All Accord. I was blown away and very happy to have discovered a new (to me) prog powerhouse. At the same time, I was pretty pissed that I never heard of you before. The next day, I bought Unfolded Like Staircase. Interestingly, I don’t care for VDGG/Hammill, but Matthew, you are awesome in your own right! To me, you sound more like Ozzy, P Gabriel & Fish. Please come to San Francisco! Many prog-heads here!

  21. Jeff says:

    Saw you an NEARfest four years ago and last weekend at RoSfest. I cannot express how much I enjoyed the art and craftsmanship of your music. Shatter All Accord and Unfolded Like Staircase are both wonderful recordings.

  22. Tristan says:

    Just discovered your music a few days ago. I have no words to describe the good sensations. Have you intention to play 2012 in Berlin ?


  23. Paul Freshnock says:

    Really looking forward to seeing Discipline take on the Swedes RoSFEST 2012. Everything I’ve heard you do so far is super. ProgOn!!


  24. Paul Freshnock says:

    Hi looking forward to seeing you at RosFest 2012. I love what I’ve heard so far!!! Prog On!!!

    Paul Freshnock-Neptune City, New Jersey Shore

  25. Scot says:

    Love your new album To Shatter All Accord!!!

  26. Scott says:

    One of the greatest concerts of my life was seeing Discipline and Echolyn at th Reptile House in GR MI. It was the world release day for Echolyn’s “As The World”. The place was a dump, and I think it was an ice storm that night, and only about 30-40 of us at the show, but both bands put on the most amazing show. Love you Matthew. Hope you are doing well and that we can expect some new music soon! Your friend from way back when we met at thet Steve Hackett show and you gave my one of your demo cassettes. I’ve been a huge fan ever since! Scott

  27. Brady says:

    Where can I find lyrics?

  28. Dominique says:

    Great Music


  29. Metin Yazici says:

    Pure awesomeness. Keep the band alive please.

  30. CLAUDIO says:

    Increible banda, son muy interesantes esos sonidos oscuros, las letras son tremendas, es un gran exponente del rock progresivo, los felicito son muy buenos musicos a pesar de lo dificil que es encontrar musica de ustedes, yo soy de Chile y se que es muy dificil escucharlos en vivo alguna vez, pero me conformo con un poco mas de difusion, los felicito nuevamente y sigan asi. Canto IV es un tema tremendo, me imagino a la Divina Comedia de Dante

  31. Peter says:

    Unfolded.., Horror Express,Astray.

    It`s all gold.

    Is there a chance that you guys come to Europe for a tour?

    Greetings from Holland.

  32. Ian O. says:

    I have just discovered your music, and I absolutely love it! It’s a shame you’re not better known!

  33. Rafael Fernandez Marmolejos says:

    Regards from a small island in the Carribean…I wish that someday I could see you live….for now will do with the DVD…Love the albums…wish that there would be a new record from you guys…your music is great!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. martin tutko says:

    Just wanted to say hallo from Europe (Slovakia) and by this appreciate this mindblowing band, I hope to see you live once.

  35. Joe Lawless says:

    I have left a message in the guestbook. Somewheat appropriately. yes.

  36. marcus cook says:

    Will you visit the UK? I’ll keep checking back. Great music!

  37. S.O'Connor says:

    Haven’t seen you since High School and never even knew you had a band, since I moved to Vegas in 91. I just watched your video, Cesar Inca. I will be asking around for your albums. I’ll start with Mr. Givens. Very impressive stuff.

  38. A.G. says:


    I had a honor to purchase “Horror Express” during Nearfest and now finally had a chance to listen to it a couple of times with due attention and no distractions.

    It is a great work of art. Thank you!

    Most striking are these words: “… no hiding place for prisoners of open space”.

    Looking forward to discover other releases.

  39. Laurence Rumble says:

    Wonderful music. Great site.

  40. Mił--osz says:

    Your music is impressive (especially “Unfolded Like Staircase”). Hope to see you live in Europe (maybe you’ll visit Poland).

  41. Scott Ellison says:

    Matthew – I just recently finally purchased a copy of Horror Express, and I am blown away. I think it is the best vocal work you have ever done, the best sounding album you have ever done, and just an amazing work of art. Love the classical piano influance, the drama, very intimate. Very nicely done!

  42. Joep says:

    Beeing a proglistener sinds the early 80,bought Unfold LikeStaircase and discoverd that this is the best album ever made….no kiddin!!

  43. Sverre Setvik says:

    So you’re still going strong. I was listening to a norwegian radio program, and they played a song with a band called Discipline. Probably it was you – you still make good music. Remember me from your Norway-tour in 1993, P̴l (arranged your tour) also met you in our holiday in the US (and Detroit) in 1992. Hope you’re doing well. Had been cool to see you live in Norway again(or Europe) again! I’m gonna by your CD tomorrow, if i can find it in the record store!

  44. Lance says:

    keep on rocking in the free world guys!!!!

  45. Jorge Cravo says:


    The Best Prog Radio Show in Portugal

    Saturdays, 7 – 9 pm (GMT)

    on Radio Terra Nova –


  46. Artur Chachlowski says:


    I have just published the review of Horror Express (in Polish) on the MLWZ web site. Additionally last Wednesday I airplayed “In The Dark” on my radio show on Radio Alfa Krakow 102.40 FM. PLAYLIST section to see more details.

    Best wishes


  47. Artur Chachlowski says:

    Hi Matthew, I want to inform you that on Wednesday your music (just two songs – more will follow next week) from your excellent “Horror Espress” album was airplayed on my radio show MLWZ on the local FM station Radio Alfa Krakow 102. 40 FM in Poland. You will find English Menu on the top of the web site. Please visit it to see the PLAYLIST of yesterday’s show. You can also listen to this show. Click AUDIO in the menu then choose link with the proper date of the show (mlwz2008-05-14). The audio file will start to

    download automatically. You need Winamp to listen to it. I hope you enjoy it.

    I have also put the link to your web site in the LINKS section.

    The review of

  48. Scott Ellison says:

    Matthew – I’m so glad to hear that Discipline has reformed. I love your solo album, but I do miss Jon Preston Bouda, who is such an amazing guitar player!! Hope to see you soon!

  49. Langmick says:

    Great show guys. Just as I remembered.

  50. H.T. Riekels says:

    Sunday’s show was fantastic. It’s too bad you couldn’t play longer.

  51. Brian says:

    Excellent show last night, nice to see you guys again, Brian

  52. James says:

    I’m really glad to hear Discipline. have reunited for Nearfest. They are one of the coolest, most unique bands out there, and they always have been. Parmenter is a bloody genius and the band smokes! GREAT music.

    Please put out another CD soon!

  53. Yogi Behr says:

    NEARfest!!! I love it!

  54. Luis Nasser says:

    Note to Ariel Landberk: DO NOT use a waffle iron on your nuts ever again!

    Many greetings to Monsieur Kennedy, and Parmenter.

    We’ll be getting all kinds of silly at NEARfest!

  55. Cliff says:

    Hi all, – Any chance you’ll be doing any local shows ahead of Nearfest to get ready?

  56. Dave Kerman says:

    Well, I hear you’ve re-united. Mazel Tov, brothers ! See you at Fear Nest 08.

  57. Anaon says:

    Hello Mr Parmenter!

    I drop you a line to share my interest for Astray. A really great emotional album which I listen to again and again.

    I can’t wait for a new album!!!!

    All the best//

  58. Paul says:

    Pretty cool site.

  59. EKESON GUYMAN says:


  60. Mark says:

    Is there a chance that the full lyrics of Discipline/MP albums will ever be released somewhere? I can’t find it in the net and it wou–d be quite tiresome to sut through the whole albums jotting down the words… Regards.

  61. Ariel Landberk says:



  62. Igor says:

    For Matthew

    Matthew, you’re the best composer of the new times.Incredible songwriting talent, amazing lyrics, theatrical approach and excellent musicianship – that’s what makes DISCIPLINE my favourite band along with Goldy-Oldies like GENESIS and KING CRIMSON!!!

    I own all studio efforts by you and your band(to my utter shame,none of them are licensed – I’m in Ukraine and it’s really hard just to go and buy anything from Prog…and mailing system is not the one you’d rely on) and all are AWESOME!!! Thank you for your music – it’s just perfect.Regards

  63. Ulf Wagner says:

    Hi, I’m very happy with the great music from Discipline an Matthew Solo………..but why not more?? So long time between the cd’s. And you can find a lot of not offical released songs or info’s about these songs – why do you not make a cd with all these songs (like “homegrown” etc.)???

  64. MAT TAYLOR says:

    Hi my name is MAT TAYLOR from AUSTRIA! Im 21 and Im a amusician! It would be an honor for me to meet you on my site when you may sign up my guestbook! Also check out my free music and enjoy the gallery!

    See you on my site

    Keep on rocking


  65. Laurie d'Ault says:

    Hi Matthew…first saw you when your band fronted for Steve Howe at the Ritz and youse guys were giving out free CD’s! How cool was that? Also caught you a couple times at the Magic Bag with House of Usher, etc. Have definitely missed your act and have been listening to Push and Profit a lot lately. Any plans to tour or do some club dates around the greater metro Detroit area soon? Hope so. Keep it going.

  66. Fixtion says:

    It’s been ages since we’ve heard from you, but we always enjoyed your shows around Detroit/Pontiac. Hit us up on myspace at

  67. Han Uil says:

    Hi! Love the Astray album. It’s ranking very high in my personal top 10. Oh, Unfolded is somewhere in there too :-) Take care!

  68. Filipe Santos says:

    I still carry with me the intensity and beauty of that show, and mostly your sympathy afterwards! The interview will go on the 24th of April on (click on “Streaming RUA”), from 22 to 00h GMT. I’ll be waiting your contact before that day!

  69. David of Rhode Island says:

    Purchased the Discipline CD’s on itunes and they are both stunningly excellent. Matthew, if you read this – Thank You for your music!!!! You are a genius!!!! Why not a project with Steve Wilson in the future?

  70. marco from Portugal says:

    arriving home from Gouveia Art Rock I must say what a great performance Matthew gave us. waiting to hear songs from the “astray” cd, I was completely surprised blown away by the new songs hope you release them soon… that narrative song(palinu??), wow!!!

  71. Erik says:

    Amazing. Ive had push and profit and ufolded for a while and love them both. among my favorite albums. cant wait to pick up astray

  72. Scott Ellison says:

    Mathew – I Love the DVD. I think the whole band is awesome. Love all the costume changes. Not sure about your paper cut in the eye story, but hey, your an artist and it was very creative. Can’t wait for you next solo CD.

  73. Scott Ellison says:

    Hey Matthew, great to see the live show is finally available! Kicked myself for years for not buying the VHS version when available. Hope to see you in G.R. MI again someday. Astray and Opeth-Damnation are two of my favorite chill out, ralax, unwind CD’s right now.

  74. Duffy Armstrong says:

    Hello Matt, just listened to Push and Profit over the weekend. Would like to pick up Unfolded like Staircase. Are you still in the Detroit area? Drop me a line if you have a moment.

  75. Sylvain says:

    I bought “Astray” this week, and i must say that it’s one of the best discoveries i have made in a long time!!Matthwew your song writing is inspired and uniquei am ashamed to say i was not familiar with “Discipline” as of yet, but i will sure try to remedy that.Take careSylvain Montreal

  76. Jed says:

    Whoa! I just got the Discipline. Live 1995 DVD (from SYN-PHONIC), and it blew me away. I had almost fogotten how great Discipline. was, and how talented Matthew is. If this world was fair, this DVD would be looked upon the way those old videos of Genesis in the early 70s are.

  77. Rodger says:

    “Unfolded Like Staircase” is such a powerful musical journey masterpiece, with each listen new pleasures are unfolded. My only disappointment is in the muddy mix. Is there any plans for a new remix or remaster in the near future?

  78. Ray Rappisi says:

    Throughly enjoyed your too short set at NEARfest. I was taken aback how intimate your voice was, especially compared to your work with Discipline. I wish you a healthy career that I’m sure will just get better and better.

  79. Cristina says:

    I am trying to find Unfolded Like Staircase in Spain because I am delighted with your music. Do you know if there is any possibility that your works have been published in Spain?

  80. Marco says:

    I’m Marco from Italy, I discovered Discipline 2 years ago, and I think:Great,I didn’t listened a singer’s interpretation and genius in the expression of the lirics like this from the times of Marillion, and the band is Amazing.Something about the new Group release?Sorry for my english…

  81. Jan Erik Liljestr̦m says:

    Hey Matthew!Thanks for sending us copies of “Astray”! I like it. Favorites are “Now” and “Between Me & The End” (great vocals). Makes me think somewhat of a certain Mr Hammill… :o )Keep rockin’!

  82. Dave and Mona says:

    It has been ages since the last postcard. Mona, Rossnagel, and I would love to come to the next show. Hey, do you still remember crashing on our lawn after the big Southfield House bash? Good times never end.We await patiently in the background for another Griff’s show.Dave & Mona :O)

  83. DPRP says:

    Review of ‘Astray’

  84. Carlos says:

    A long but worthwhile wait for “Astray”… congratulations on an excellent album.C.

  85. DVZ says:

    Thewwy!! Sounds great/looks great/nice to catch up with you, at leat asynchronously. I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.

  86. Adam says:

    Just got “Astray” yesterday and it is amazing. I will find it hard to rank any future release this year above it and expect it to be my 2004 “Album of the Year.” I hope it sells well and will push all my friends to purchase it. Adam

  87. linwood avenue friend says:

    matt, was saddened to hear about terry…i recall many laughs..hope you are well, the music sounds great…drop me a line so i can spread “discipline” around the chicago metropolitan area. peace always, tom

  88. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday, dear Maisie!

  89. nimble-fred says:

    “modern times” rocks!

  90. Mr Azeez mugu says:

    watz up, my guys keep off ooooooooooo

  91. Eric says:

    New England’s Art Rock Society

  92. Scott Ellison says:

    Matthew, I’m so glad to hear you are working on a new CD. I still have my sample cassette you gave me after the Steve Hackett concert probably like 10 years ago. Still think the Discipline / Echolyn show in Grand Rapids on an icy winter night was one of the greatest shows of all time!

  93. from Italy says:

    Don’t be looking too much for perfection: give us some more music by you! It is obviously difficoult to release a CD at the same level of “Unfolded…”, but you have to face this challenge. Silence is death.

  94. derek T says:

    I really love the live cd and am ordering the other two. I wish more people knew about you. I’m very impressed (and love) the complexity of your music and the quality of all the playing and singing. Thanks! (From MN, USA)

  95. Ariel Landberk says:


  96. Martin Auclair says:

    I’ve been listening to “Unfolded like Staircases” for over 3 years now, and it’s still my favorite album of all time. Geniuses like Matthew Parmenter could take 5 more years if necessary to produce another masterpiece like that album. Hope to see the band in Montreal one day

  97. Dana McNabb says:

    What does a girl have to do to get a hold of the Live Push and Profit CD release VHS? I have gems to trade. It was truly one of the most magnificent shows I have seen. I miss the band, but I would settle for them in VHS format.

  98. Bill W. says:

    Hey, Matthew Parmenter… Your web site guys need to update the sounds/samples portion of this site and get some live stuff on there. I am a huge Discipline fan and a friend of Paul Dzenzel. I would like to get a sample of what the new band sounds like.

  99. erling andersen says:

    waiting for more music from you !!

  100. Jan Erik Liljestr̦m says:

    Looking forward to hearing the solo CD and hope that we’ll also meet in real life soon. 8 years has passed since our crazy trip through the States, so we have a lot of catching up to do! Miss you!

  101. Jan Erik Liljestr̦m says:

    Hello Matthew (and Matthew!) Hope everything’s fine with you guys! Just wanted to tell you that we’re alive and well. We

  102. jonf brown says:

    We need more news and updates. Do not loose the momentum your albums have generated. You have a very special talent. Keep the flame burning indide your (dark) soul and help light the dark corners of this depresssing musical landscape we all have to endure.

  103. Mrs Parmenter says:

    I like your new site, but you need updated pictures.

  104. KING HEADACHE says:

    Pleeeeeeeeeease can we have a new Discipline album sooooon!!!!

  105. Anonymous says:

    I remember Matt P From Kimball HS. In particular i remember an occasion where he was being taunted by seniors who seemed convinced he was gay or something. I remember telling them to leave him alone. I then vaguely remember Matt P. telling me not to get involved. Odd memory

  106. Cliff says:

    Hi Matt and Matt, I hope all is well with you guys. I guess when it can be, it’s all about the music. I’m in no hurry to suggest and I have no complaints… Just would like to say thank you. Great work. – Cliff

  107. Velvetclown says:

    I do hope that Discipline are still alive and kickin, the world need Quality bands like this in these musical Dark Ages.

  108. Steven says:

    “Unfolded like staircase” is one of my all time favcorite albums and it hits people I know that are not progfans like a hammer and they stay hooked the entire album. It would be sad if the band would disapear into oblivion. Steven

  109. Steven says:

    Do the band still excist, how far have Parmenter’s solo recordings reached, have the staircase folded itself to a ladder and fallen into the bushes? Sure there must be any news that can be shared with the fans! No news meens people lose attention and interest.

  110. Steven says:

    To mr Parmenter or who ever is providing the info here. Isn’t there any news what so ever about Discipline and Matt Parmenter that can be printed here? tbc

  111. Valerie (a friend of your nephew) says:

    I haven’t heard much from Discipline in quite a while…must be because you moved to Baltimore! I’m a Push & Profit fan…I’ll have to get ahold of the rest of your stuff and catch up! We miss you in Detroit!

  112. Lea from Orion (a pal) says:

    Sensational group, a Baltimore favorite! Indescribable cohesion of the surreal and the real. Truly unmatched in the arena of dramatic progressive music. Can’t wait to see you, Matthew, on the 26th.

  113. JESUS PERAZA says:

    Discipline is one of these bands that blow away when you listen to the first chords. It is a contemporary classic. Lend an ear. It’s worthy. I particularly love “Carmilla” and their Live into a Dream cd. Thumbs up to these guy! I look forward to meeting Parmenter in January 2002.

  114. Karpow says:

    Yo peoplz! I

  115. Martin Auclair says:

    I never heard anything like what these guys are doing. The singer is simply phenomenal – and the creativity on their albums blasts every single record of so-called prog music I have ever listened to in the past. Just can’t wait to see & hear them in Montreal! Keep doing the good work guys!

  116. Bruno Aun says:

    Just got introduced to Discipline’s sound. Both ‘Unfold Like Staircase’ & ‘Push and Profit’. I am absolutely in love with the band. Its always good to be surprised by real prog bands from the U.S. like Iluvatar, Timothy Pure and now Discipline. Long Live!

  117. Grant says:

    Hmmm, sounds like there’s more affoot than meets the eye. Why would the band leave AFTER making a very successful independent album? And now you’re making a solo album? Strange…. Good luck though. You’re a great writer. I hope you can keep it all together.

  118. James says:

    I’ve truly enjoyed the 2 studio albums. I have turned on my brother and son to these and they in turn are passing the word. Thank you for some truly excellent music. Hope to hear something more from you in the future. There has got to be more where that came from.

  119. Anonymous says:

    Hello Matthew. I am hoping to see you at Progday this year. I check this site ofen for news of the solo CD. I HOPE to see something from you soon.

  120. Lorenzo says:

    Your music is really amazing…I’ve included a link to your web site on mine (prog from Italy!). It’s sad that a band like you have recorded only two studio album in five years.I can’t wait so long for the III!!

  121. Jes̼s Peraza says:

    I had a good hunch about Discipline’s Live into a Dream. Man!!! this is one of the best contemporary prog American bands I have heard lately. Their music is complex and in the veins of the best classical rock bands. Highly recommended for prog rock fans and for those who are getting into it.

  122. Mike Honner says:

    Gentlemen of the band, It’s been a while, but I’m back living in Royal Oak. I will look you all up one of these days when my life is in better order. Glad to see the band is still playing. I’m hoping I can still redeem a few coupons at a show. Best, Mike

  123. Anonymous says:

    Will we ever see Homegrown, Circuitry, or When the Walls are Down on a CD? I have the video, and I’m lucky enough to have heard these song live…they are amazing. Especially Homegrown. Maybe on the solo CD?

  124. Tina says:

    Saw Mathew at Progday 2000.Was blown away.Hoping to see solo or with disipine soon.Waiting and watching for his solo CD.

  125. Halvard says:

    Big Hello from Norway! Good to hear that the band is alive and well. I saw you at NLH back in the early 90′s. Thanx to the Net, I now “discover you” again. Truly excited to find that you have put out several CD’s, can’t wait to get them!

  126. Denis Taton says:

    Great albums, great band, great shiver! When can I see you in Europe (Belgium?)??? All your belgian fans are waiting for you here.Best regards. Denis

  127. alfonso picaro says:

    Parmenter you’re fool or very stupid,,,,tellme you are paranoic o what happen in your life,,,,the popular question is…..FOR WHEN THE NEXT CD IN STUDIO????? REPLY THE ANSWER TO YOUR AUDIENCE……OR YOU ARE VERY STUPID????

  128. ariel maradona says:

    Parmenter are you dead????? or are you missed????, because your permanent silence is very bad. Tell to your fans for when the NEX CD??????…..PARMENTER WHEN THE NEXT CD???. I LOVE DISCIPLINE BUT YOUR PROUD IS VERY HIGH…. Ariel Montevideo-Uruguay

  129. Matt Parmenter says:

    I was searching the internet for an other Matt Parmenter. I’m looking forward to hearing your music.

  130. The Jester Drained says:

    All i can say is Thank-You! PEACE

  131. brian rogers/ gr michigan says:

    Mathew K, Greetings, hey i need your address so i can mail your hat to you. Thank you again for lending it to me, my ears thank you too! your friend Brian

  132. Teemu Hanninen says:

    Hi Mathew & Matt! It was a good time hanging out with you guys in Chapel Hill. Mathew, your happy-dance really made an impression on us – Erno the trombonist adopted it to himself for the rest of the trip. Remember, we have it on video. It’s quite likely to be broadcast on Moon TV in Finland. Thanks again for the record, it’s a great piece. Hope to meet you again! Best wishes, T-mu of HK

  133. Mike Steffancin says:

    “Unfolding ..” is without a doubt, one of the gems of my collection. I have turned a few friends on to Discipline. and stress the fact that this is a landmark release in the area of modern American progressive music. Keep up the good work. rock on steffy

  134. Liz Spikol says:

    You guys are very interesting–more compelling than many of your contemporaries. I knew Matthew in college and cared for him deeply. I’m glad to know he’s doing something he enjoys and that’s meaningful to him. He was always truly singular, and I see that continues to be the case. I review music for an alternative newsweekly in Philadelphia, for which I’m senior editor. You guys should send me CDs for review– I’ll do what I can to promote you. Tell Matthew hello. –Liz

  135. ProgNaut (Ron) says:

    I just bought “Unfolded”– sounds great and I’ll be ordering the “Live” CD soon! come check out my webpage: http// I have a Discipline link on the band pages there

  136. Mike says:

    MISS YOU GUYS~! I saw you play at the Magic Bag for the Unfolded Like Staircase CD Release party! WOW Impressive! And I got one of the LAST available VHS tapes of your shows! Then I moved……….:-( But…..To North Carolina! Charlotte to be exact and I have yet to get to the ProgDay show! But I plan to try this year!~ Too Bad the rest of the MU-SICK industry doesn’t WAKE UP from thier LONG LONG SLEEP and see this sleeping beauty of a band! Kudos!

  137. MACHIAVELLO says:


  138. ariel zani says:


  139. Marcin says:

    Aaaa! I’m almost dead… But still alive..! “Unfolded…” is… Aaaa! (Am I crying? :) ) Greetings from Poland… :)

  140. Fix Sadler says:

    Got your live CD a few days ago, thanx very much for your great music. Can’t wait to get the next Studio-Album!!! Keep on proggin’, Fix (from Germany)

  141. ARIEL ZANI says:


  142. Dave Haslam says:

    I just got Unfolded like Staircase , and after being a musician for many years and a collector of music for even longer I can honestly say that this cd is one of my top 5 of all time..Great music and fantastic vocals.. I look forward to more from your band

  143. Thom says:

    … Discipline … my favourite prog-band and my top-ten of ’97 ! Greetings from Poland :) Thom @

  144. Alex / Frederick, MD says:

    Though I know very little about you as a band (this site will help), I can tell you that with 2000 lps, 1500 cds and probably about as many cassettes combined, CANTO IV is probably the most progressive guitar piece I’ve ever heard, easily rivaling Pat Metheny in creativity and energy, surpassing Charlie Byrd in prowess and blowing away numerous rock guitar gods in technique. I don’t know what your future is but keep it up. For the time being your material nicely rounds out an area in my collection comprised of The Kronos Quartet, Thunderclap Newman, Mike Oldfield and Phillip Glass.

  145. Philippe Desjardins says:

    Thanks for your inspiration guys. Very Mature music. You’re a great example for all the young musicians out there who still beleive that their is still room for prog. on this earth. I need a third studio album… Don’t let me down, please! A Real Fan!

  146. Phideaux Xavier says:

    someday I’m going to jam with you Mr. Parmenter, but until that time, I will just congratulate you for brilliant music. i’ve just got the live thing and Unfolded — it shimmers and penetrates me like no other. Well, one other: “Godbluff”. But, it’s like that apocryphal moment when he says “at least you still have time…” I never thought I’d know another album that moved me as sinisterly, as secretively. Sorcery it must be. Oh, by the way, I’m not saying it SOUNDS like g-bluff. It just is AS GOOD AS it. So, also, anybody in NYC looking to form a band along similar lines as those of discipline? I’m a singer/songrighter who’s got a great drummer, need to collaborate. emaul me now

  147. Greg Hall in Waterford says:

    I can’t wait to hear the new material once it’s ready. I also look forward to seeing you play out again. It is always a great show.

  148. Rick Jeff And Chris says:

    Congratulations on your success fellas. Heres to great royal oak bands! cheers

  149. My name is not important{but i know you} says:

    The band sounds very good, literally

  150. Jeremy Hyde says:

    Nice to see the site get a much-needed facelift! I can’t wait to hear what the new members will bring to the band (I’ve not heard you guys without Bouda and Dzendzel).

  151. Chuck says:

    Play on!!

  152. Jay P. says:

    Whenz the next CD?

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